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Valériane Leblond

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Isn’t this nice?

Map of East London for Cara Magazine.

If you’re on Instagram, follow Red (a.k.a Hong Yi). Check out her site and portfolio here.

Ellen Silverman’s set of photographs, ‘Where Cuban’s cook’ does what it says on the tin. Bright-coloured walls, worn tiles, clean surfaces and a mismatch of threadbare chairs and furniture, they’re a beautiful insight into the Cuban way of life. Visit Ellen’s article on

"The rooms were furnished with old things, frayed things, things in constant use. But I also noticed how each kitchen told the story of those who lived there. Even in the photographs without people in them, the spaces conveyed their presence: You can see how someone had lavished attention on an arrangement of plates, how they had set a table for lunch, or how a little plastic flower was positioned just so—how someone had worked to make things pretty or put things in place. And however minimal the kitchen, each one was equipped with essentials: a pressure cooker in which beans were bubbling, a small stove-top coffeepot, and a gas cooktop—sometimes with a pot of rice simmering on top of it. These kitchens might be spare, but they’re beautiful—and, I think, vital emblems of those who live, and cook, within them." [via]


Copenhagen City Map Illustustrations
Amazing illustrations by Matt Chase for a city map of Denmark’s capital city and design mecca Copenhagen. The map was produced for Herb Lester Associates.
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"We shall not cease from exploration
and at the end of all our exploring
will be to arrive where we started
and know the place for the first time"

- Four quartets, TS Eliot

Minneapolis based artist and creative director, Brock Davis is just brilliant. If you’re not already, follow him on Instagram @Brockdavis

Love these designer tea towels from

Norwegian artist, Rune Guneriussen, creates these magical installations in Norway’s most remote areas. Far removed from the tread of human contact, his site-specific works are beautifully eerie. See more here.